"Vermillion Dawn" is a story about a woman, Mae, that lives in complete solitude in the desert and suddenly finds a way to connect with the internet. She discovers a whole new world through the web and even forms her first ever friendship.
The Cast
She may have a sweet outer appearance, Mae is also a collector, inventor and great at shooting. So she knows very well how to survive in the harsh, dry desert. But there are some things she doesn't know that much about... for example, people! Mae has never been in contact with another person and we'll find out later in this story, this does not work in her advantage. 

Mae is curious, caring and somewhat naive and will have to learn how to stand up for herself. Besides hunting, building machines and taking care of her animals, Mae loves taking pictures of the sunrise with her old cellphone. These are all things that are part of her daily routine. A peaceful life that will soon be disrupted once she finds access to the NET.
Ezra is part of a gang that survives by traveling around and robbing and pillaging others. They are dangerous and feared, but Ezra is not like the rest of them. Surrounded by his peers, he feels alone. He longs for a peaceful life, a home. He meets Mae and in a lot of ways, they resemble each other. Curious about the unknown and each other's lives. Ezra is charismatic, charming and a good listener. But because of his background, he isn't afraid to be violent. Can he leave his past behind him and go after the future he has always wanted? Or is it too late?
Vermillion Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic Western world. There has been a devastating battle and the society as we know it, has fallen apart. The people who survived do now live spread across the globe, living in small communities, settlements, nomade groups or all by themselves. The war has had visible influence on the environment, where there are still wreckages and debris spread around. These wreckages are like goldmines for all sorts of components and electronics, as long as you know how to use them of course! Besides the old Western elements, there is also futuristic technologie. For example, Mae's phone that she uses to take photo's with or the solar panels on the roof that provide electricity.
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